SIOP Lesson Plan Template 1 Date 2/15/12 Grade/Class/Subject 6th grade English Unit/Theme Writing Narrative Essay Misty Burton Byrd MS Henrico Standards 6. 7 6. 4d 6. 5a c e j k Content Objective s 1 SWBAT demonstrate prewriting by brainstorming sensory words to use in a narrative essay 2 SWBAT brainstorm events to include in a narrative essay. Language Objective s 1. Students will review orally narrative fiction and nonfiction* 2. Students will discuss orally narrative prompts 3. Students...
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Hello in this lesson I will walk you through the steps necessary to develop a lesson plan using the SIOP lesson plan template that I distributed in class after you've completed the lesson plan template you will scan it and upload it into blackboard using the Dropbox I have created in the week 4 folder the topic for this lesson is the math lesson I distributed in class on Monday you may leave class blank or and you can fill in today's date what exactly is a Content objective and what should be the content objectives for this lesson ineffective instruction concrete content objectives that identify what students should know and be able to do must guy teaching and learning these objectives should support school district or state content standards and learning outcomes it is important to write lesson level objectives in a lesson and use student friendly language that suits the age and proficiency levels in the class the bottom line to English language learners is that content objectives need to be written in terms of what students will learn or do be stated simply orally and in writing and tied to specific grade-level content standards it may be necessary to limit content objectives to only one or two per lesson to reduce the complexity of of the learning task an example of a Content objective might be students will add to digit numbers to find a sum note that the word add suggests that some action will be taken on the part of students that is visible to the teacher therefore we would call this a behavioural content objective because students will do something that the teacher will be able to observe and the teacher can check to ensure that it is being done properly and accurately and to take that further in terms of thinking about a language objective we might write SWAT which stands for students will be able to define the word some notice the connection between the content objective and the language objective so now what exactly are language objectives you'll probably ask the question well language objectives look similar to content objectives therefore why do we need to have both well when we're thinking about English language learners and other students who have language issues we must be considerate that we are doing both teaching a skill and also helping those students to acquire and develop language the following objectives for a PSYOP language arts class show the progression of objectives that might be taught over several days students will be able to recognize similes in texts discuss the function of similes write three similes write a paragraph that describes a setting using similes while carefully planning and delivering content objectives siop requires teachers to incorporate in their lesson plans activities that support students language development as well as with content objectives language objectives should be stated clearly and simply and students should be informed them both orally and in writing language objectives may cover a...